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Italy (Assisi and Rome) October 2005

The First Symbolic Journey

In October 2005 Mary Reilly and several friends began the first of two symbolic journeys to distant shores. The first was to Italy, to Assisi and Rome, the second was to France during May 2010.

A great deal about the trip to Assisi was revealed to Mary by Jesus in the preceding months. The quotes which follow have been taken from longer messages. The photographs chosen for the gallery are a record of the fulfillment of the messages.  
“Prepare now, My beloved, for your journey to My New Jerusalem. I wish for you to travel to Assisi first, to travel upon the roads where My beloved Francis walked. At the most unassuming place, you will be guided.”  (March 14, 2005)

“Sing praise and be illuminated by the Seven Canticles of My beloved Francis. For it is My desire for you to travel to Assisi where My beloved Francis lived. I wish for you to travel on the path where My beloved Francis walked, for it is here, in Assisi, that you will be instructed in the most unassuming place, where the oak meets the sky. Stay steadfast in prayer as you walk along the path where the water babbles and has a melodious sound, for My birds will greet you. Oh My beloved, you are My pearl and great is your mission — your destiny, all to fulfill the will of My Father — to bring about the triumphant reign of My Mother's holy and immaculate heart. My beloved Therese of Lisieux will be with you in a special way, for she is your special patron.” (May 15, 2005)

“March on now, My little soldier, on to fertile ground. I am beckoning out to you from My Papal City and  lt I will make My glory known to you in Assisi. For it is there, where the oak meets the sky and My birds sing melodious sounds along side the babbling brook, where the moss grows rich and fertile, the seed of faith has been planted. My Church will be resurrected. As My beloved Francis was instructed to rebuild My Church, so too are you, My faithful and brilliant pearl. I am calling My beloved children to your side as you march on strong with fidelity and zeal.” (May 24, 2005)

“Prepare now My pearl for your trip abroad to distant shores. You have done well to recognize My gifts to you. For so much I keep hidden from you for it is necessary. So much more, you will see and so much knowledge will be revealed to you in the land of My beloved Francis, Assisi. All of this to fortify and prepare you as you go about reclaiming My Church. The banner proclaiming the triumph of My Mother's holy and immaculate heart will win over so many souls; for whomever’s eyes gaze upon it will be filled with immeasurable grace. You will all be protected and shielded, as you will march strong, one army, one Church, persevere.”  (July 15, 2005)

“Prepare in prayer for your journey abroad to Assisi, a holy place. There, My little dove, you will meet My beloved Francis in the most profound way; do not fear, for all of this is the work of My hand. For surely I tell you, a stone will be revealed to you, along the babbling brook, a place of peace and solitude that My beloved Francis enjoyed so much. Along the path, he was inspired by My spirit to write the Seven Canticles. You will all be refreshed at the inn and renewed. And you will all find your visit to My Papal City to be filled with joy and peace.” (August 9, 2005)

"The Banner is the Secret of Fatima."

October 4, 2005 (Tuesday afternoon)
Mount Subacio, Assisi, Italy
Feast of Saint Francis

“Child, it is I, your Jesus and how I desire for you to write. Oh, daughter of My divine heart, you have done well to proceed in faith when this journey is not easy. I have called you here to Mount Subacio, the sacred mountain where My beloved Francis was so inspired. Child, a great mission has been imparted to you; so vast, grace is in proportion to it. I will share with you, My dove, another secret. You have been called here in a very symbolic way — for you have never known before the steps that My Francis walked. But, I have guided you and by My grace I have taken you upon the path I spoke of — Oaks that meet the sky, moss that grows rich, a babbling brook, and birds of the sky that greet you.”   

October 4, 2005 (later in the afternoon)
In the Cave of Saint Francis, Mount Subacio

Our Lord speaks: "Child of My divine heart, it is I, your Jesus, and how I desire for you to write and transcribe My sacred words. I bless you, little one."
Pope John Paul speaks: "Benedictum tui, Sacramentum, Sacramentum, e Benedictum tui. Go forth Maria and raise the banner high."

Our Lord speaks: "Child of My divine heart, transcribe the words of My beloved Pope John Paul."  

Pope John Paul speaks: "This banner Maria is the holy cloth that will go before and after the blood of the martyrs. The holy hills will be destroyed and the Holy See will flee Roma for a period of time. Evil will be everywhere from the top of every mountain to the depths of the valleys across every plain, for the anti Christ will have a short reign. Child, e paxi buono, e paxi buono. The banner - the holy cloth, is the secret of Fatima. It has been passed to you. You will journey afar with the scepter and banner. The banner will be passed to the one who sits on the Throne of Peter. The holy hills will be rebuilt."  

"Child, it is I, your Jesus, continue to write for you have been instructed as I promised, at this sacred place. I have instructed you here, My pearl, because your mission, like Francis, is to rebuild the Universal Church, one Church. Child, the blood of the martyrs will be shed - My priests, religious, and disciples. Protection will be laid upon this side of the banner. Persevere, I have called your friends here to bless them and anoint them with courage, perseverance, and fortitude. For they will march on to the battlefield. I bless them and anoint them to give courage as they profess the truth. Be at peace, My little pearl, My dove, as I continue on this journey with you.  

The Message from John Paul II

John Paul II died on 2nd April 2005. Until then Mary Reilly thought she might be granted a papal audience during her trip to Rome. As you have read above, the Lord had an extraordinary meeting in mind. Many people will find this meeting hard to believe. However, the Lord orchestrated a small but significant event when Mary reached Rome. During the group's trip to the Vatican, like most other pilgrims at that time, we wanted to see John Paul II's tomb. Hundreds of pilgrims were still in line to do so, even months after his death. It was almost a circus as people processed by the tomb with the guards constantly calling, "Avanti! avanti!" in an attempt to keep the line moving. If you were quick thinking, as some in our group were, it was possible to cross the far rope barrier and pause for a couple of minutes opposite the tomb before being moved on. It was in these few minutes that, quite unexpectantly, one of the guards approached Mary and pulled open the rope barrier she stood behind and then the one before the tomb, before ushering Mary and others of our group right up to the tomb. In all the rush and the large number of pilgrims it was quite inexplicable. On returning home Mary received the following message, "Your visit to Rome is of such significance, all to be revealed to you at the hour of My Father's choosing. You, little one, were called forth by Me at the tomb of My beloved Pope John Paul, this was a symbolic gesture. Raise the banner high, My Maria. (October 15, 2005)

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