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Mary Reilly

The following comments were made to reporters in 2001 when Mary Reilly's apparitions first began.
As far as Mary is aware, the Bishop of Syracuse has still found no reason to begin an investigation.

"The local Roman Catholic diocese has observed from afar. The church will only start an official investigation if Reilly claims to give church teachings, calls for public acts of penance or creation of a new church, or if events otherwise become disruptive." said Danielle Cummings, spokeswoman for the Syracuse diocese. "Any investigation would require Reilly to undergo a psychiatric evaluation", Cummings added. (1)

"We would want to make sure those teachings were authentic, not contrary to church teaching or dangerous," said the Rev. Minehan, chancellor of the diocese." So far, it has been mostly a call to prayer," he said. "And if it is moving people to pray, if it is giving them a greater nearness to the Lord, that can be a very good thing."  (2)

The Rev. Thomas McGrath, pastor of St. Mary of the Lake, neither attends the gatherings nor dismisses them. "It's a very quiet, reverent group, and as long as it stays that way, it's a wonderful thing," he has said. (3)

The Rev. Michael Minehan, chancellor of the Syracuse Diocese, said the diocese would not rule on the authenticity of the Skaneateles events unless they conveyed messages urging public acts like fasting or building a church."We want to approach it with reverence, but we also maintain a distance because it's easy to be misled.'' (4)

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