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France October 2009

The Second Symbolic Journey

In October 2009 Mary Reilly and several friends, some old, some new, went on the second of two symbolic journeys to distant shores. The first journey had been to Italy, to  lt Assisi and Rome, the second was to France. Mary had already been compared to St. Francis of Assisi. This trip was to emphasis her connection with St. Joan of Arc. The most obvious likeness is that both Joan and Mary carry a banner, but whilst Joan's mission was to drive the English out of France, it is Mary's mission to drive Satan out of this world. This is no exaggeration, perhaps it is best said by Jesus in his messages to Mary:

"On this night, I am appointing My beloved Joan of Arc, as your special patron, for like her, you have been gifted with the heart of a lion. You too, will lead a great army, a fleet of a multitude of My holy and glorious Mother’s subjects, to the New Jerusalem. So much is about to unfold. Gather in prayer stay united in the rosary as you go forward, for at no stone shall you lose foot. For your protection is in proportion to your mission, for I go before you always." (October 14, 2006)

"To distant shores, I call you, to the home of My beloved and devoted priest, Father Joseph’s Redemptive Order of My great mercy and pardon — to the land of My beloved Joan of Arc. This has great meaning and is symbolic. As I have called you upon the paths that My beloved Francis has walked, now I call you to these distant shores. All will be arranged, for by My beloved Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael will clear the way and advance your path. All will be revealed at the hour of My Father’s choosing." (December 4, 2007)

"To many distant shores I will call you. As My beloved Joan of Arc partook in the supernatural with a child like heart she responded to the interior voice of My beloved Catherine. She was guided and aided by heaven. So too, you are My pearl, My valiant soldier. You could never imagine the magnitude of virtue that has awarded you this heroic post. The sacred banner has been placed in your guard, this single piece of holy cloth bears the triumphant news that My holy and glorious Mother is the Queen of the universe. Her sovereign majesty will be proclaimed as She is recognized as the Mother of all in the era of the new and divine holiness. She is the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate of all grace. My people are thirsty for the truth. Great significance will placed upon My writings to you, My pearl, for all that has been foretold and confided to you will come into fruition." (April 8, 2008)

"Look around you, the seasons change. Time is passing by, speeding up, passing quickly. All of my heavenly court stands ready. Oh, to you My pearl, your mission is being prepared as in days of old. Not unlike My beloved Joan of Arc I am preparing you, for a great battle rages." (October 21, 2008)

In March 2009 Mary received the message which prompted her to begin making arrangements for the trip:

"Behold, a new day is about to dawn. You have much work to do, My pearl as you advance My kingdom. For the bell tolls, to foreign shores I call you, to Domrémy, to Rue du Bac, to Lisieux. This is a symbolic gesture as I gather My army. Symbols of lilacs and lavender are the oil of essence, beautiful and bucolic. Joan of Arc held the standard high, not unlike her, you have the courage of a mighty lion. As Joan of Arc led the troops, you, My pearl, lead the army of the Immaculate. You bear the standard of the Most High.  You bear the standard of the Queen of the Universe — Cor Deum e tui — the two hearts. From the sacred and holy cloth My Spirit comes over the world. I am calling My lost sheep home." (March 15, 2009)

We stayed in the Loire valley where Joan of Arc had spent much of her life. It was centrally positioned and enabled us to reach the various places Our Lord had asked Mary to visit. It allowed us to see Chinon Castle where Joan had approached the Dauphin to request an army, and where Mary was able to see a replica of Joan's banner. At Rue du Bac, Mary was most taken with the two hearts on the back wall of the sanctuary as just weeks before these same two hearts had been designed for the banner.

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