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The Banner

Hold your banner high — for the banner bearing and exclaiming the Triumphant Reign of My Mother's Heart, will be like a magnet attracting the faithful and non-faithful. All evil will be banished. The protection that this banner holds is immeasurable. Behold the Reign of The Immaculate Heart of My Mother! The angels will escort the banner wherever it is. Special grace will be imparted to whomever's eyes rest upon it. My healing love will pour from the very fibres that weave the cloth; so powerful will it be. (October 24, 2004)
There is a great battle raging between good and evil. You have many enemies, as do all of My elect. As I have told you before, your mission is very much a part of the mission of Fatima. Know the banner has been passed to you, My pearl, for as My Mother's messages were given to Lucia, Jacinta and Francesco, now they have been imparted to you for they are still reaching their highest summit.  (May 5, 2005)

The Making of Our Lady's Banner

During July 2001 Mary Reilly was given measurements for the banner, the colors to be used, the approximate design of two hearts centered on the Eucharist, and the golden rays eminating from the central host. No further mention of the banner was made until 23 July 2003 when Jesus said, "Soon the banner My Mother once told you of will be realised." It was many months yet before the material was chosen and purchased and the work undertaken by a friend in Syracuse. The banner was spoken of several times more before it's completion. Relevant extracts from messages as dictated by Jesus and Our Lady (in blue) to Mary are shown below:

“Waste no time preparing My Mother's Banner — it is an important part of My Father's eternal plan.”  (September 28, 2004)

“Soon the construction of my banner will be complete.  My daughter has used her gifts bestowed upon her from my beloved Son Jesus, to make my banner. This was truly a labor of love and how my Son will bless my daughter, for her devotion and faith.  Now I wish to dictate to you the wording in which my banner should read. The Heart of Mary Immaculate Reigns Triumphant, the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Now, My beloved daughter, I wish for the wording to be translated into Latin. It should be embroidered in gold thread. My daughter, a great responsibility has been given to you. Sing songs of praise that such an honor has been bestowed upon you — for you will single-handedly carry my banner into the battlefield. This banner holds immeasurable grace and will attract the faithful and non-believers.”
(May 24, 2005)

“My little dove, I have blessed you with the gift of seeing My Mother's banner being brought into fruition. For My darling daughter has done well to respond to My grace.  How My Mother inspires and works with her as she constructs this single piece of holy cloth. My heralding angels stand ready to escort the banner wherever it goes. Oh My pearl, as My beloved John Paul instructed you, a great responsibility has been imparted to you.  For you will raise the banner high, My Maria.” (November 3, 2005)

“Be at peace now, My pearl, soon My Mother's banner will be handed to you. A great responsibility has been bestowed upon you My dove. For this single piece of holy cloth represents My holy and glorious Mother as Queen of Heaven and Earth.  The Co-redemptrix and Mediatrix of all grace — the seat of all wisdom through which all nations will be united and proclaim this Dogma.” (August 30, 2006)

“My heralding angels have taken their place beside My Mother’s holy banner.  They will protect and guide this single piece of holy cloth. For very soon, it will be handed to you, My pearl, to be kept in your guard. For as My Father has sent His prophets and messengers before you, He has willed that I bestow this sacred vow upon you. For you will go forth proclaiming this sacred dogma to all of My people;  proclaiming My holy and most Virgin Mother as the Coredemptrix and Mediatrix of all grace.”  (October 14, 2006)

“Oh rejoice My dove; the banner of liberation for all of mankind will be handed to you. You have been bestowed with a great task of love to escort My Mother’s banner to all those whose lips are parched and have been blinded by the adversary. For no one can even imagine the great power that yields from this great and holy piece of divine cloth. The vow that I have bestowed upon you is your privilege. You are My Mother’s valiant soldier.” (November 30, 2006)

“Rest well, little songbird for the night is upon you and the dawn brings a new day. You have much work to do to further My Kingdom. You have been blessed to receive My Mother's banner; My heralding angels surround it and keep it free from any encumbrance. This sacred vow has been placed upon you. Rejoice, I bless and anoint you with My signal grace in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (January 5, 2007)

Nearly two years later Mary had the desire to change the banner, perhaps even to have a second banner made to replace the first. Several aspects of the original design bothered her, in particular she felt that the two hearts of Jesus and Mary in the centre of the Eucharist were poorly presented. After much debate and prayer it was decided that a new centre piece would be made. The original banner would remained intact. The new centre piece would be sown on top of the old. The following message was received while all this was being decided:

“Child of My Son's most merciful heart how I desire to console you and dictate a message of love. My child, do not hesitate. Daughter, My miraculous and sacred banner has been bestowed upon you to be kept in your guard. You have done well to listen to My inspirations. It pleases Me that you wish for My banner to be beautiful. My Son has blessed your hands with the gift of creativity to bring beauty into the world.
If you have one banner or one thousand banners, the miraculous and sacredness of this is not limited to the design. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that pours forth from the banner. The Holy Spirit is not confined in space or time, but is eternal.
You have been chosen my pearl from the beginning of time to escort My scared cloth onto the battlefield.
Many banners will be distributed. It is the banner in your guard that bears My battle cry, a royal decree that you will raise at the command of Gabriel. This sacred cloth the heralding angels surround and keep free from any encumbrance. You may redesign or create many with the sacred images that that I have confided to you.
Raise the banner high, and go in confidence that the banner in your guard no evil will befall neither to the right or left. Do not delay with your inspirations. Time is short, make haste in securing the small banners that I desire to adorn the doorways of the faithful. Little daughter of My Son's most sacred heart. I am with you. I bestow my blessings upon you”.
(January 24, 2009)  

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