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A paradise not even known to Adam and Eve

Rejoice children for the reign of God is at hand. Be steadfast and joyous in your quest for Me. Suit yourselves in holy armor and prepare yourselves for the reign of My new era. Never has the world known what awaits them. For My faithful it will be joyful splendor, but for so many they will cry and wail and grind their teeth for they did not take the time to know Me. They made money, power, and false securities their priority, pray for them. This has been a time of grace but soon My Father’s justice will prevail. My Father will restore order and justice to the world that He has created - a world of solitude and plenty, a paradise not even known to Adam and Eve before they fell victim to the evil one. (December 18, 2002)  Top
Weather Patterns

Weather Patterns

Things will begin to change rapidly – you must not let this alarm you. Even simple weather patterns will no longer be predictable; the wind will blow in new directions. None of this should alarm you, instead, recognize what I say and take delight, because this is a prelude of My miraculous reign. The angels will sound their trumpets; claps of loud thunder will be heard, huge bolts of lightening and a furious wind. Take refuge in My Most Sacred Heart and do not be alarmed for no harm shall come to you. (May 14, 2003) Top
Everywhere the evil one has wreaked havoc

Everywhere the evil one has wreaked havoc

March on victoriously My pearl, for this is a crucial hour in history. Mankind is on the brink of world changing events. Soon, all of My children will be awakened – those who have been asleep and who have put Me aside, will cry in terror. They will run and repent, many will run in shame, the world I have created will be rocked from its very foundation. This is necessary to rid the world of evil; everywhere the evil one has wreaked havoc. The innocent are no longer protected; moral authority is lost. The evil one has even infiltrated My Church. I will no longer allow this. I am awakening My faithful to take up arms. Arms of truth, light, and love. They will be suited in holy armor and they will defend My Church as My Spirit rests upon them as they march on victoriously, reclaiming My Church, the true Church. (June 20, 2003) Top

Visions in the Sun

I wish to talk to you about the visions I have shown you in the sun. When you see the ships sailing on the horizon – this is My Mother’s holy and immaculate heart reaching the shore, the summit. The hour is fast approaching when the triumph of My Mother’s holy and immaculate heart will be fulfilled. My ships are heralded in upon the rough and unstable waters of the tide – then My Spirit will come over the water calming the waves and restricting the tide, producing a glacial tranquility. (June 29, 2003) Top
Enlightenment and Darkness

Enlightenment and Darkness

In the near future, My children will all experience a miraculous event at the same moment in time, all over the world I have created. Each person will be suspended by My grace. They will experience the enlightenment of their souls, they will know all of their transgressions, their souls will be illuminated, and they will see the state of their souls as My Father sees them. At the same time, My faithful will be blessed with My peace. Fear shall not overcome them. For others, they will experience fear and confusion for they have not taken the time to know Me. They have not practiced My teachings or kept My Commandments. This will be a time that My Church will have never known - in such great numbers, they will abandon their everyday duties. My priests should be prepared to assist them, for all will seek to be reconciled with Me.  There will be a period of three days when the earth I have created will be blanketed in darkness. This is necessary as I rid the world of evil. I will give all of you more instructions in the future, but I tell you, those who love Me will feel My peace. (July 23, 2003) Top

My new era

What a day it will be when My new era is recognized. It will be preceded by the triumph of My Mother’s holy and immaculate heart. Prepare your banners, and march on victoriously. A great thunder will come from the Heavens – which no man has ever heard. A great lighting will pierce the sky, never seen before by man. The trumpets will sound and the light of My resurrection will be heralded in upon the earth. My faithful will take refuge under the mantle of My Mother’s protection. A new earth will be born – a land where milk and honey flow. (December 22, 2003) Top

I am the font of all mercy

I took on the sins of the world because it was so willed by My Father – that all of mankind would know eternal life and their sins would be washed away in My most precious blood – plead My precious blood. My heart desires all of My children’s love. I am the font of all mercy; My mercy is endless and endures forever. Even the most hardened sinners who sincerely ask for My mercy – it will be granted to them. The more serious the offense, the more the person has the right to My mercy. The time is coming when My children will know what their sins have cost them. Repent, repent, I say to you, oh children of Israel, repent!  Soon My majestic splendor will reign upon the earth as it does in Heaven. The just man; the man who lives in love and acts out of love to the less fortunate – for My names sake – will bask in My glory. The light of My resurrection will reign in the hearts of the just. Give honor and praise to My Father in all things. Be prepared, for your Lord and your God knocks at the hearts of My children. I wish for all to experience the majesty of My kingdom. (April 5, 2004) Top
The power quest of a few

The power quest of a few

Mankind is on the brink of disaster – the judgment of a few in powerful positions. They have misused their authority. They are arrogant – they will scream out for My mercy. War is not the answer, people flounder between what is just; they turn their backs on the truth, they persuade others that they have a firm foundation for what they believe to be right. Their decisions and their great thirst for power have blinded them. They have lost all sight of the truth. They are blinded by what feeds their egos. So many, many, innocent people suffer for the power quest of a few. (May 17, 2004) Top

Calamity upon calamity

For truly I say to you oh children of Israel, the Son of Man, the Son of the true and living God beckons out to you! For your land will lay barren. Your rivers, streams, and lakes will know drought. The weather patterns will continue to be unpredictable and a great city will be left barren. Oh, how My people will cry. Calamity upon calamity – ushered in by great and roaring winds. Your infrastructures will be destroyed. Only those living in truth will illumine the paths of others. Oh, children of Israel, those who have turned their backs on Me and have been enslaved by the Father of lies, what now will you do when you realize your worship of false gods has left you naked?  Your disguises of earthly possessions and vanities will be laid bare. The scale of great justice has tipped – only those with sincere hearts will experience My mercy. (September 6, 2005) Top

The earth will quake

My precious pearl, as I have told you before, the hour of My Fathers justice has dawned. From mountain to mountain, sea-to-sea, all things have been put in place. My angels have awaited My command; they stand ready to sound the trumpet. All of mankind will awake from their deaf slumber. For oh, how complacent they have become, they no longer know right from wrong!  They do not keep My commandments. Some will wish they were never born for their hearts have hardened and they have served false gods. They will be shaken from the tree of life. Only My faithful will be rooted in My love and even the smallest and weakest branch will bend to lift them up. For your lands will be laid barren, rivers will no longer flow, water will be scarce.  Sources of heat and energy will cease. Your cupboards will be dry as the earth which was once fertile, will be barren. Infrastructures will be destroyed and fierce winds will continue to blow. The earth will quake and volcanic activity will commence. (October 26, 2005) Top

A global event

A great upheaval in your country is about to occur, resonating to the east.  Many nations will be aligned to pursue their own economic interests only to be recognized for their own selfish folly. This is a global event. My true seers and visionaries are also being put into position. For at the command of Gabriel, all will resonate at once. Terrible, terrible events will occur.  Mother's nursing their babes will run in fear. So-called teachers will realize their limitations. Scientists will question their own excesses of pride, even the animals will flee. It will be utter chaos. My faithful will hear My voice. They will find comfort and will know that their Lord and their God beckons out to them to be beacons of love and light in this dark time. All of this will be permitted, as the world I have created will be purified. The cup is empty the hourglass is tilted. (February 19, 2006) Top

The seas will rise

At My command, the oceans and seas will rise, the earth will quake, mountains, will erupt. As I usher in My new era, My people will be shaken from their arrogant perches and those who are lukewarm I will spit from My mouth. For some it will be better if they had never been born. (November 8, 2006) Top

Recommend all those who are lost to Me
To My faithful, I cry out, “offer sacrifice, prayers, and fasting”. Recommend all those you love to Me. Recommend all those who are lost to Me. The just hand of My Father will come over the world. Pray that My Father's justice will be swift; do not let your hearts become troubled. Do not let your spirits become weary. Know the power of your prayers. Cling tight to your rosaries for truly I tell you, the rosary is your strong weapon. Walk in My truth and do not allow yourselves to become weak in the face of adversity. (November 16, 2006) Top

The Holy See is in danger

The Holy See is in danger. It has only just begun. The Holy See will flee Rome and the Seven Hills will be destroyed.  From the ashes My Church will rise for no evil shall prevail against it. I, Myself, will manifest My great glory. All will be bathed in the light of My resurrection and will know My mercy.  One true God, one true Church. Rejoice, rejoice, I say, for My New Era is at hand, as you lead My people to the New Jerusalem. (November 11, 2007) Top

Fill your cupboards

Recall all that I have confided to you for the hour glass has tilted, the cup has run dry. For I am the Master of the harvest. Fill your cupboards, store water and blankets for warmth, medications and wood for fires. The night will grow cold & dark. Do not be as the bridesmaids without your oil. For the winds of change blow in all directions. The sediment of sin rises and tosses about in turbulence. All of nature is effected from the tide of the sea to the birds of the air. Even animals are alert and will seek higher ground. (September 16, 2008) Top

There will be locusts and pestilence

Oh, the winds of change blow in all directions; for the skies will part, there will be locusts and pestilence. The tide will give way to mighty waves that will sweep over the coast. To higher ground I call you, to higher ground. The earth will rumble, a great light will appear. The trumpets will sound, for My warring angels stand ready, as the evil one is unleashed from the abyss. My mighty and great warriors of righteousness align. Thunder of justice, thunder of might. Order will be restored. Divine order. For those that belong to Me, I take under My shield. For to whom their allegiance is with the Son of God, the Son of the Most High, My allegiance is with them. For I will defend you Myself. I will stand between you and the just hand of My Father. For those that belong to Me will know My mercy and enter into the New Jerusalem. Take stock, put on the armor of God. Stay alert and vigilant for as a thief comes in the night you do not know the day or the hour. Keep watch with Me. Nature is out of alignment with the will of God. Sin has penetrated the earth.  From the abyss the bowels of evil erupt. Be brave. Chaos, turmoil, sickness, and despair will manifest. Fear not, remember My teachings to you. Be brave and steadfast, lean on one another. For as the winds of change blow, they will be only harmonic, melodious chants that whisper in the ears of My faithful, your families, and those that choose for Me. (September 21, 2008) Top

Time is running out

The winds of change blow – hasten now to prepare your cupboards, time is running out. All of My heavenly court are assembled.  My great warring angels are amongst you protecting and guarding My faithful flock. There will be chaos, unrest, and great confusion. Nations align only to bring about a culture of death. Persecution is near.  Pray for My priests for many are lukewarm and have been distracted. (November 8, 2008) Top

A great power shift

Time is short do not hesitate - this is all to secure your path. At no staone shall you lose foot. Do you not recognize the changes all aound you as the time draws close? Governments will be turned upside down. More commercial and economic clapse will give rise to anarchy and certain governments will find themselves in a great power shift. (November 8, 2008) Top

Small Banners

My Father is pleased that the small banners are being distributed. Blessed are the homes that display the standard of the Queen of the Universe. What a beautiful day it will be to hear that My Mother is the Mother of all. Bells will toll and She, the seat of all wisdom, will be heralded under her Sovereign title, the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate of all grace.
The world as you know it will soon change; the consciousness of men will be awakened. This is a great gift of mercy to all of mankind. For the day fast approaches when mothers nursing their babes will flee, brother against brother, chaos and turmoil, famine, natural disasters and supernatural signs to awaken all from their deaf slumber. Look around you even nature revolts. Pray and do not lose faith.
The wicked will be cast out; the wheat will be sifted from the chaff. The fig trees will be laid barren. The golden calf and the sign of the bull will suffer great decline and misfortune. Hold tight to your assets and prepare to secure food, clothing and shelter. (May 8, 2010) Top

Time of purification

This life is full of trials and joys, each experience makes you stronger. This is also a time of purification for those that love Me. They will embrace their cross and offer all that they do for love of Me. It is My desire to grant grace to everyone so that in turn they will respond with love and sacrifice.
Have not My Mother's efforts to bring all to the font of My mercy gone unaided by so many? My people continue to worship false gods. They are empty, lonely and lost and still they seek fulfillment in the ways of the world. If only they realized that all things of this world pass. I desire simplicity of heart. I desire a childlike heart. I desire an intimate relationship with My children, a look, a glance at Me, a kind word, a prayer from the heart pleases Me. I love to console and dispense grace to each soul, bringing each person deeper into My divine love, and filling that soul with such grace that they live, work and act in Me.
I desire trust, an act of love and abandonment. It is when you abandon yourselves to love in all circumstances you submit yourselves to My divine will. This opens the door to My grace flowing as an endless source of My mercy. Be as little children and expect all from  Me. A sublime exchange of trust in your Lord and your God.
The state of the world is in chaos. You must take advantage of this time of purification by emptying yourselves and making acts of reparation and staying true to Holy Mother Church. Recall My words to you and march forth with great courage as you raise the banner high. You are in the front lines in the army of the Immaculate. My Mother, the seat of all wisdom, calls each of you to join Her in this great battle, gathering souls as She leads all into the safe harbor of My love and mercy. (September 5, 2010) Top

My mother's army is being formed

Souls are thirsty and searching for My peace. My countenance surrounds you and I go before you always. The world is full of uncertainty for My people are lost, lost to vice and addiction, sin has blinded them.
The momentum of evil in the world has escalated. Corruption, greed, lust and hatred have reached monumental proportion. World changing events will take place that will capture the attention of my people, they will know that the knowledge of the learned and the realm of science will be tested and left unaided. For truly I tell you my people will call out to their Lord and their God. My mercy will abound for the sincere of heart for I guide My lost sheep home into safe pasture.
I need the help of my faithful to show kindness and love, and for their faith  to be a bright beacon in the darkness helping to illumine the path of those seeking reconciliation with Me. I have called prayer cells from near and far. My mothers army is being formed and strengthened. For the day dawns when my My Mother will lead all into the safe harbor of My love and mercy and She will be heralded as the Queen of the Universe. With the stars at her head and the moon at her feet, she will be recognized as the Advocate of all grace, the Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix Interceding for all of you. (January 4, 2012) Top

My mother continues to call her army

Great signs to all of mankind continue to manifest, as I bring clarity and divine truth to a people lost to their own vice.  For most of the world (except for my faithful remnant,) is so very lost to materialism, greed, lust, they sink more and more into the depths of despair and are never fulfilled. They search for peace in all passing things. It is only when they turn to me, their Lord and their God, that they will find repose in the solitude of my divine love. For I am the way, the truth and the life. I desire for all my children to quench their thirst at the well of all living water.  
My mother continues to call her army, the army of the Immaculaté. She is the seat of all wisdom and constantly pleads for all of you at the throne of my father. She will lead you all into the safe harbor of my love and mercy. Raise the banner high for the triumphant reign of my mothers holy and Immaculate heart is on the horizon. I bless you and I anoint you in my peace and sanctifying grace. (29th June 2012) Top


I call out to all of mankind

I call out to all of mankind, turn to me in this great hour of uncertainty in the world. How long can I hold back the just hand of my Father? The world is void of love, void of virtue, full of corrupt hearts and wicked deeds. Never has their been such a time of such vast isolation and emptiness in the hearts of men. My people live their lives seeking only pleasure and vice, leading so many to perdition. I have sent my Mother, the Queen of Heaven, so many times to plead with the hearts of men, only few listen. She offered the remedy of peace in the world today, but too often her cries fall upon deaf ears.  
The time is upon my people to choose their God. Plagues will come down from the Heavens, and the earth will vomit the sin that has penetrated its soil. The mountains will lay low and the valleys will rise. Such misfortune is upon my people. Harden not your hearts, but rise up for what is right and just. Defend my Church in the public square. Persecution will know a new voice. Tribulation, pestilence will be commonplace. Secure your thresholds now! Do not wait! Do not become complacent. Stock up and fill your cupboards. Have sacramentals on your person. Place holy objects in view, stand up and defend the faith. (August 30, 2012) Top

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